user led mental health advocacy

Statutory Independent Care Act Advocacy

The Care Act became live on April 1st 2015, and essentially provides a more coherent approach to adult social care. The Act aims to ensure:

  • Clear and fair support
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Prevention and delay for the need of support
  • That people are in control of their care


Within the Act, there is a statutory duty to involve an advocate where people have substantial difficulty in being involved in the processes themselves, and have no one to help speak up for them and help them engage in the process. There are exceptions to the rules of course and you can find further information, guidance and referral forms here, or access information at


BAMHAG and Choice Advocacy will be running the pilot Independent Care Act Advocacy service jointly, and further information about which organisation is appropriate is available on the referral form. Please do not hesitate to ring if you are unsure about who to refer to or if the referral is appropriate.


Care Act Referral Guidance

Care Act Referral Form

Care Act Advocacy Roles and Responsibilites

Care Act Engagement Protocol