user led mental health advocacy

The User and Carer Link and Liaison Project


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The Link Project aims to seeks the views of service users and carers about the various mental health services that they receive. These views are then fed back in to strategic level meetings of the provider organisations.


Feeding service user and carer views into these meetings means that the people who shape and buy our mental health services get to listen to the actual experience of those using the services and can then look at ways to make them better for those using them.


The Link Project collects service user and carer views in a number of ways, using user led meetings, events and focus groups. They also seek to feed back to service user and carers about changes within mental health services, again by using meetings groups and a newsletter ‘Interlinks’.


For more detailed information on Link Project work click here, or to speak to someone about getting involved, please contact the Link Project on 01274 201859 or email