user led mental health advocacy

User Led Mental Health Advocacy

We provide mental health advocacy to anyone suffering with mental ill health or mental distress who needs support speaking up for their needs. Our general mental health advocates will only work on behalf of the person suffering  mental distress and only in the way that person wishes them to work. We provide mental health advocacy in a variety of settings:


                                    Lynfield Mount Hospital

                                    Moorlands View

                                    Airedale Centre for Mental Health

                                    Community Bradford

                                    Community Airedale



We have advocates that specialise in all the above areas. We also have advocates who specialise in working with older people, those with dementia, and those from black and minority ethnic communities.


We also now provide a new advocacy service, 'Transitional Advocacy', which is specifically aimed at people who are having a reduction in their mental health services (such as being discharged from hospital), to ensure that their voice is heard within this process, and the right package of support is in place for the future. For more information about this particular service, please click here. Or contact Peter Tytarenko on 01274 770118 or


If this is a service you would like support from, please call 01274 770118 and ask to speak to an advocate. It is helpful to know your age and where you are currently based so that we can get the right advocate for you. For further information about how an advocate might help please click on one of the following: