user led mental health advocacy



You may be aware that we received funding for our advocacy services from Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC) and the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). This was so that we could provide advocacy for anyone in the district who was experiencing mental ill health. Some people were legally entitled to this due to their circumstances (such as being detained under the Mental Health Act), and others received it through need rather than as a right.


A decision was made by BDMC and CCGs to put all the money together which paid for these services, and ask people to tender for it as a contract. Unfortunately BAMHAG were not successful in this process and as such these services will in the future be provided by VoiceAbility. See for further info


We will be doing our best to speak directly with people affected by this change.


Although there are many changes ahead, BAMHAG are currently working very hard in supporting the future direction of the organisation and the development of some very exciting new projects.


We would like to thank everyone that has supported and contributed to BAMHAG over the years. Please check back or follow our social media feeds over the coming weeks to find out more about our future, our innovative services and the ways in which we will be supporting people to have a voice.


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