user led mental health advocacy

Are you interested in the Link Project?

The User and Carer Link and Liason Project is set up to provide a link between service users and carers and Service planners and providers. It aims to ensure the user voice is heard within the planning and delivery of services… a kind of group advocacy. The project also provides people with information about what is happening in mental health services, changes and how they might get involved.


The Link project are constantly looking for user and carer involvment and views to input in to the mental health system.


The Databank

To be kept up to date or get involved further, you can become a member of the Databank, which is a Database of people, and their interests that enable the project to know who wants to get involved in what.


Interlinks Newsletter

You can also keep your eye out for Interlinks (if you become a member of BAMHAG, you will automatically be sent this) which is a newsletter produced 4 times a year with info and updates about services.

Alternatively, you can contact the Link Project and chat with someone about how you might get more involved.