user led mental health advocacy

Are you in hospital?

Providing independent specialist mental health advocacy support to people using acute in-patient mental health services at Lynfield Mount Hospital and the Airedale Centre for Mental Health that is user-led.  We do this by taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain the services they need.  Working with individuals in hospital settings by providing the following:

  • Providing a voice / speaking on your behalf with all levels of health care professionals such as medical staff and Psychiatrists. Outlining of options to enable you to make informed choices


Supporting service users in:


Managers Hearings

Ward Rounds

CPA Meetings

Discharge Meetings


  • Signposting to other specialist appropriate and relevant agencies.  Supporting you to access other services.
  • Most of our work is through the self-referral process and maintaining a presence on the wards is essential
  • Provide opportunities for you to say how you feel and clarify areas of support we can offer as advocates. Sometimes these opportunities lead us to longer term work on other occasions our support ends after this first meeting.
  • Supporting you at different points during your illness and detention in hospital.
  • Our paid advocates have undertaken the National IMHA qualification and are able to deliver all aspects of advocacy services under the Mental Health Act Amendment 2007. 
  • Provide awareness raising and training for mental health professionals to better understand the role of an advocate.
  • We provide specialist mental health advocacy to all who use acute in-patient psychiatric care as well as providing a statutory service to all who come under the provisions of the Mental Health Act as sectioned patients.

  • Support qualifying service users to access and appoint mental health solicitors

  • We are user – led in our work and maintain our independence from generic health and social care provision by being a voice for service users.

  • We aim to provide opportunities for you to request advocacy support by maintaining a regular physical presence on the wards in hospital settings.

  • Liaising with medical staff on your behalf as and when required.

  • Outline options and signposting you to other services – supporting you to access as appropriate.

  • To contribute as necessary to improve the CPA process and make it more appropriate and relevant for you. 

  • To focus on obtaining good after care packages for you - experience has shown that if this is done correctly it lessens the chances of people having to return to hospital.

  • To carry out discharge advocacy. To try to ensure that professionals adhere to a discharge policy for people leaving hospital.


You can download the following information by clicking on the titles:


What you can expect from your advocate: Leaflet

Feedback (Online Link)

User Feedback Form: Leaflet