user led mental health advocacy

Are you in the community?


We provide independent specialist mental health advocacy support to people using mental health services that is user-led.  We do this by taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain the services they need.  Working with individuals in community settings by providing the following:

  • Community Mental Health Advocacy aims to improve the health and wellbeing of those who reside in the Bradford District Care Trust area by providing support
  • Providing a voice – speaking on your behalf with health and social care professionals, or people in ‘authority’. Liaising with professionals and individuals on your behalf i.e. psychiatrists; CPN’; social workers; support workers and housing officers.
  • Outlining your options so you are able to make informed choices and make decisions.
  • To provide support that reflects the needs of individuals and changes in the socio-economic structure i.e. benefits, employment issues, as they arise.

  • To focus on obtaining the support that the service user requests and needs so that they are less likely to relapse and functions as well as possible in the community. Experience has shown how people are less likely to return to hospital or rely as heavily on services if they have the appropriate support when it is needed.

  • To focus on the independent nature of Community Advocacy as being separate and distinct from statutory services.  To enable people to understand the independent role of advocacy so people feel able to access our support without fear of their confidentiality being breached.


Supporting service users in:

Mental Health Act Tribunals i.e. Guardianship

CTO Reviews concerning 117 aftercare.

Support at other medical appointments i.e. hospital / GP.

CPA reviews

Social Services – including supporting parents with children in care etc

Housing / Benefits Tribunals

Employment related meetings - tribunals and appraisals


  • Writing letters and reports on your behalf.
  • Signposting / supporting you to access appropriate support services.
  • Enabling you to have a voice within the process of your health and care planning.
  • BAMHAG paid advocates have undertaken training and qualified in the IMHA qualification and are able to deliver all aspects of advocacy services under the Mental Health Act Amendment 2007.


You can download the following information by clicking on the titles:


What you can expect from your advocate: Leaflet

Feedback (Online Link)

User Feedback Form: Leaflet